Our Story

Our passion is to bring hope to kids, families and communities – to inspire them to grow deeper in their faith and experience life with Christ.

I’ve always had a heart for kids and for making a difference. From a young age, making a difference in the lives of kids and my community was a core value. My parents led by example as together we brought meals, played, sang, and simply shared the hope and stories of God’s love to those in my community struggling with life’s circumstances. I saw the impact one family could have. This passion continued in my teen and young-adult years as my friends and I gathered weekly to hear the stories and promises of God that made a difference in my life and for others. Life is full of challenges, but the powerful stories of the Bible reveals a God who loves us and never wastes our story and changes lives – today and forever.

Over the years, I’ve been privileged to be a part of many organizations that share a heart for people and hope. I’ve been involved in local evangelistic efforts, working with Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade and Billy Graham. I’ve served on the Boards of John Guest Evangelism Board, Bill Glass Prison Ministry, David C. Cook, and am the founder and chairman of Kids Around the World. These experiences have brought me face to face with kids, families around the world and made me more focused on finding ways to make the biggest difference in their lives.

I shared some of these experiences and learnings in my book “Tell Me a Story.” Storytelling is more powerful and relevant than ever. Reaching others in a world where over two-thirds of the population can’t read or doesn’t learn that way highlights the importance of communicating the stories in creative, inspiring and compelling ways. Worldwide, the greatest percentage of people comes to know the Lord between ages 7 and 14. That is why we focus on kids. My passion is to see them grow in their faith and experience a vibrant spiritual life. When we enjoy hearing and experiencing God’s word, we have a framework to live our lives that transforms families, the local church and communities.

Stories shared in one’s native tongue, or stories that use colorful imagery, active participation, music and other engaging storytelling techniques are fun, powerful and memorable. Now more than ever, kids need hope. We want to encourage their faith with engaging resources such as the Action Bible – a Bible kids and others want to read. The Action Bible New Testament, illustrated in a modern, Marvel Comics style, brings the stories to life and helps kids remember them. Giving a personal copy, just for them, offers a way to dive deeper in their faith day after day and not just on Sundays. These transformational stories can spark curiosity, encourage dialogue and ignite a deeper discovery and relationship with God. My hope is that, together, we bring hope to kids, families and communities with God’s transforming love by giving them fresh ways to hear and experience His story. Together, we can change lives today and for eternity.