What We Do Helping kids love God’s word

Bibles for Kids brings hope to kids by providing a Bible they want to read. The Action Bible is a great way to do just that. Our goal is to provide orphanages, refugees, and kids everywhere with this engaging way to grow in their faith by knowing the stories.

The Action Bible The Bible Kids want to read!

In a highly digital, visual world, many kids won’t ever pick up a text-heavy bible. In other circumstances, resources that encourage learning and faith are scarce or virtually non-existent. Did you know that over two-thirds of the world can’t or chooses not to read? We believe we can inspire, encourage and equip others with the Action Bible to make a difference in their daily lives.

It’s a relevant, engaging way to hear the stories of hope. Colorful, vibrant, action-style graphics and illustrations inspire kids and others to explore and deepen their faith. It’s perfect for 9-15 year-olds but is relevant for anyone who wants a more visual way to experience the stories of the Bible. 67 stories come to life with the life-changing stories and hope of God’s word in both English and Spanish versions.

Girl with a The Action Bible