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We impact lives today and for eternity by providing The Action Bible and other resources so kids, families and communities can grow in their faith. Our mission is to help connect children with the joy, love and hope found in Christ. Thank you for sharing.


Bibles for Kids has a passion for sharing the hope of Christ to all, especially to kids. We believe sharing God’s transforming word in engaging ways makes a difference in peoples lives. Many choose a spiritual direction by the age of 14. We help kids and others explore their faith as they discover life-changing truths in a Bible they love to read.

With your help, we can make a difference around the world with the hope found in the Bible and its stories in exciting and engaging ways. We partner with leading organizations who are on the front lines, serving kids, families and communities to amplify and accelerate their work by providing the New Testament Action Bible and other resources to amplify their impact and change lives. Bibles for Kids is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of kids and communities locally and around the world.

Behind the scenes


Dennis Johnson is the founder and CEO of Bibles for Kids. Denny and his wife, Evie, have a passion for kids and Christ and continue to impact others at home and abroad. Denny has founded, led and grown many successful businesses and organizations including The Johnson Group, American Color Corporation and Kids Around the World. In addition, he has served on many boards including Swedish American Health System, Chase, and John Guest Evangelism Board, Bill Glass Prison Ministry, David C. Cook and the Bible League. In addition, our leadership team brings experience in business, technology and missions and shares a passion for kids. We are thrilled to play a role in a bigger story and to share God’s transforming hope with kids, families, and communities around the world.

Denny Johnson

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