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Bibles for Kids is partnering with Willow Creek Community Church for the annual global compassion event Celebration of Hope.

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Children in Developing Country

Celebration of Hope

Over three action-packed weeks, thousands of attendees will engage with heart and mind as they see the world’s pressing needs and are inspired to be a part of the change. Bibles for Kids brings the power of God’s stories to life with Action Bible New Testament. Together, we make it easy to impact lives with Buy One Give One campaign – just $20 ensures kids can experience hope with a Bible that kids love to read! Adding a personal note of encouragement amplifies the joy and impact – a true blessing for both the donor and child.

Collage of Celebration of Hope and Bibles for Kids working together

Anytime two organization can work together to impact lives today and for eternity - that’s a complete win.  Willow Creek is excited to partner with Bibles for Kids to get The Action Bible to hundreds of children, both in Chicagoland and in countries like the Dominican Republic. Fun, graphic novels like The Action Bible engage beginning readers and support reluctant readers as they discover the exciting stories of Jesus.

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